VEIKK is specialized in manufacturing graphic tablets and pen displays as well as some peripheral accessories. Our factory has our own R&D and production line with experienced technicians and designers. Either you are a beginner or professional ,you can always find one which can satisfy your requirement. Veikk digital drawing tablets and accessories assist artists expressing themselves more easily and make their drawings more vivid.


Specification :                                                                                                                Package includes:

Product Dimension: 370mm (L) x 212mm (W) x 8mm (H)                                              1 x Pen Tablet
Active Area:10 x 6 inch                                                                                                   1 x Passive Pen 
Pen: Battery-free Passive Pen                                                                                        8 x Replacement Nibs 
Pen Pressure: 8192 levels                                                                                              1 x Nib Removal Tool 
Data Report Rate:250pps(points/second )                                                                      1 x Pen Pocket
Reading Height:10mm                                                                                                    1 x USB Cable
                                                                                                                                        1 x Quick Guide

System Requirement                                                                                                    1 x Driver Reminder

PC: Windows 10/8/7 Vista (32/64 bit),USB port.
Mac: Mac OS X 10.8 or later.

1) Painting field:Animation, Cartoon ,Comic, illustration,Sketching;
2) Design field: Photograph or Image editing , Retouching,Industrial design, film effects,costume design;
3) Architecture field: CAD and 3D sculpting;
4) Education field: Art and design education;
5) Electronic signature field: government, banking, medical, hotel, insurance and other industries of paperless sign


Note: Our products don’t require disks. Only need to go to the official website to install the driver before use. (


10 x 6 Inch Working Area; Thickness: 9mm

The VEIKK A50 is with 10 x 6 inch working area. 10 x 6 inch is very popular size for the tablet. It provides enough space for artistic creation and don’t need move too much to cause arm fatigue.

Ultra-thin and light: The thickness is only 9mm and the lightweight is 535g, allowing for easy portability.

Tablet surface offers a paper-like feeling.




8 Customizable Express keys & Unique Gesture Touch Pad

8 express keys can be customized according to your drawing habit. It help the drawing process more convenient and efficient.

Unique gesture pad with single finger operation and double-finger operation.

Slide right: brush zoom in; Slide left: brush zoom out; Slide up:canvas zoom in; Slide down: canvas zoom out. Double-fingered click for switching to desktop.



Battery-free Pen with 8192 Levels Pressure


Battery-free passive pen,NO NEED TO CHARGE, This allows for uninterrupted draw and play.

It provides at most 8192 level pressure sensitivity, RESPONSIVE, accurate and quick response. The pressure sensitivity also can be adjusted according to the usage habits.

The two buttons functions can be switched between pen/eraser and the mouse.

Resolution: 5080LPI Read rate: 250pps



Type-C USB Port


The TYPE-C USB port allow plug in and out with either direction which is more convenient.

More stable data processing with latest TYPE-C PORT.



Designed for both left-handed and right-handed artists

The VEIKK A50 is designed for both left and right hand users.You can do it with a simple setup.



Drivers are compatible with Mac and Windows OS.

Also compatible with many major software such as Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, and more.